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Dex Media acquires YP Holdings LLC to create DexYPTM , bringing
ThryvSM local business automation software nationwide

This transaction creates a leading nationwide small- and medium-sized business (SMB) solution provider with a suite of digital and print products that will help local businesses thrive.

DexYP has a combined client base of more than 700,000 with the national scale of a 48-state sales organization and the infrastructure it needs to empower local businesses nationwide with innovative products that enable them to acquire and retain customers and digitize and automate their business functions.

By acquisition, do you mean merger?
No. Dex Media has completed the acquisition of YP and now controls the newly-formed DexYP.

Why now?
This transaction provides us with a greatly expanded client base and revenue profile, all with the national scale and infrastructure we need to continue to serve our clients and grow our business. Additionally, we now have an enhanced platform on which we can manage our print directories business profitably.

How does this advance the combined company’s strategy?
This transaction underscores DexYP's commitment to serving America's local businesses, enabling them to acquire and retain customers and digitize and automate their business functions. A significant portion of DexYP's revenue will be derived from digital products and the Company will be able to offer its Thryv local business automation software to more than 700,000 SMBs. 

What will be the name of the new company?
The company will now be known as DexYP.

Will DexYP be privately-held?

Where will the company be headquartered?
The new company will remain headquartered in Dallas.

Will the new company be moving away from print?
DexYP remains committed to print. Importantly, this acquisition provides us with an enhanced platform on which to manage our print directories profitably.

How will this transaction help Thryv?
With this acquisition, DexYP will have greater opportunities to sell its best-in-class digital solutions.

What will happen to DexMedia.com and YP.com?
We will launch a new site, DexYP.com, which will become the corporate site. YP.com will remain a great online resource for clients and consumers in the marketplace.

Who can I contact for media inquiries?
Please contact Chuck Dohrenwend or Blair Hennessy at 212.371.5999.
For investor inquiries, please contact Nick Haughey at 972.453.7637.

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